Photoshop Techniques Class #2 ~ Wk 3 @ SNP

Hi Folks,

I’ve joined the Scraps N Pieces – Photoshop Techniques Class #2 – April/May 2016 @

Week 3 – Assignment – Shape Tools

So this week I joined the Featured Designers Challenge with Jenni aka Joyful Expressions There is still time to join @

*I used Scraps N Pieces – Joyful Expressions – All Around The World @


May 2016 Featured Designer Challenge

  1. *Techniques – Option one (1) cutting out the circles in the top left hand cnr – Option three (3) subtracting from the original 2 squares in the bottom left hand cnr – Feathered sq. behind journaling and feathered again using the same technique around photos 1, 3, 4 and 6 plus went back to PTC 1_Wk 2 and erased my paper clip parts over photos 5 & 6 to make it clip onto the photos.

    Eastbourne @


    Thanks for looking and for following my blog and Scrapping Adventures…

    Hugs and  God’s Blessings from Jemima


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